Monday, June 22, 2009

free LEGO Indy Adventures

I was just looking for the 2009 LEGO sets that seem to got canceled (or has someone seen them?). Anyway, I found something else on the LEGO website: LEGO Indiana Jones Adventures - the free flash game. Now I am not easy to impressed but this game is really nice. It brings back some real jump'n'run feeling that reminded me of the Indy SNES Adventures. Pick up your hat and check it out!

Screenshots from the game

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fanboys ... like us

We watched Fanboys on the weekend. The film is the story of some fanboys that go on a road trip to make their childhood dream come true - to break into the Skywalker Ranch to see an early copy of Episode 1 few month before the official release. The trailer promises a bit more than the film delivers but the film still brings good laughters, nice cameos and nerdy fun-trivia. Now, why do a write about this here? Of course there is some Indy in this. Just wait for the film scenes inside the Skywalker Ranch and you can spot Indy stuff in a lot of scenes.

Wondering why you missed this in the movies? The film was only release in the US (ya, like there are no fanboys everywhere else on this planet...) but it is out now on DVD.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Indy novel petition online

You might have heard about the upcoming Indy game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. But have you ever heard about the game tie-in novel written by veteran Indy author Rob MacGregor? It got canceled recently and now an online petition was started to get it published after all. It's just a few clicks, so if you have some time and want a good Indy read get published:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Finally I got me a new Indy novel

They are out for some weeks now and I somehow missed their release - but now I got my hands on some fresh new novels, the Scholastic books. Those are "only" young adult books but that's still better than no Indy read at all. The series needs a good name and the Scholastic books lack any form of common name. The UK edition does have a series title, though: Untold Adventures. That's quite a catchy one and I will be using that one whenever I refer to the books now.

My copies are from the US edition. While the cover of the first novel Pyramid of the Sorcerer is rather cheap as it is just a reused graphic (for both US and UK editions), the US second novel's cover is a cool piece of artwork. Mystery of Mount Sinai comes with a picture of Indy fighting a cyborg Nazi who seems to posses magic powers. Now what young adult would not wanna read THAT story ;-)

Still positive surprised with the cover, the quality of the paper and the binding of the pages was a letdown, though. Even if it's only $5.99, I expect a paperback to survive more than one read and these books do not look like they could. Well, I will get myself the UK version of the books anyway, let's hope they have a better quality.

Have fun and an adventurous read when you get your copies c|:)

The covers of the US/Canada edition by Scholastic:

The covers of the UK edition labeled 'Untold Adventures':