Sunday, July 6, 2008

Richard Beugné's Young Indy

It's always a special moment when a collector gets the last piece to complete a set. This weekend thanks to Günther I was able to obtain the last of the three original French Young Indy novels written by Richard Beugné (or even better the last of the seven original French Young Indy novels written in total). Yeah c|:)

Time to take a look at those French beauties:

For more info: Richard Beugné's Indy novels & Jérôme Jacobs's Indy novels

odd Hasbro variation

The other day I stumbled over some odd variations while shopping for some 3 3/4" Hasbro toys. I found two differently packed Mutt figures. The package is identical except for the position of Mutt. Same text and numbers. The figure itself should be identical except that the right one is better painted and the colors are a bit different.

Addon: I just added a Hasbro toy QuickGuide. That's a helpful reference sheet for your shopping trips.