Sunday, April 10, 2011


I usually try not to mix up real life events with my hobby - Indiana Jones. Indy's films, books, games and merchandise are entertainment. Exciting, funny and sometimes informative - but never sad. Real life brings tragedies like the earthquake in Japan in March 2011 that cost so many peoples lifes. This makes me sad as Japan is a special place for me. I have been there several times in the last ten years and have friends there, both Japanese and foreigners who loved Japan so much that they moved there. For all of them I hope that the rebuilding of the affected areas can start quickly and Japan will see better times ahead.

But not to write only about sad things: The Japanese people are friendly, kindhearted and many of them are fans of Indiana Jones. There is a good reason why the worlds best Indiana Jones rides are found in Tokyo DisneySea (a whole park section is devoted to Indy, not only a single ride). That's also the reason why they have so much original Indy merchandise in Japan. But I think nothing can sum it up better than this video:

This video describes the Japanese spirit better than I could describe it with words. You don't even need to understand a single word. But in case you want to know the story behind the video: They have organized a screening of all four films at a theater in Tokyo (last year). This was their promo video to get the word out: They have succeeded with the three challenges that had to be overcome to get Indy back on the big screen. I draw my fedora to all of you, well done!