Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London is calling

We did spend Valentines Day in one of my favorite places on this planet: London. Traveling around the globe is probably the best way for an average person to relive Dr. Jones' life style (just think of the dotted line on the map next time you are on an airplane). Anyway, I was doing what I like to do whenever I travel: Trying to find Indy in all the (wrong) places.

This time I actually was trying to look in the right place: Wested Leather Co., the company that made the original Raiders jacket. I got my own trusted Raiders jacket from the shop owner Peter Botwright in 2001. I am wearing it for 12 years now, it is an amazing piece. So I got the idea to get a new Last Crusade jacket as well. And maybe some fitting trousers, a shirt and the belt. Brilliant idea until we noticed that the Wested Leather Co. has been relocated to Kent. So much for not looking it up properly before going to England. Brilliant fail. Well, at least I can order my new jacket online.

But luck was on my side in the end: Taking a wrong turn while walking through London did lead us to an X that marks a spot. We did stumble over The Cinema Store, a nice little cinema memorabilia shop that happens to feature a well known face in their logo: "The Archaeologist". An excellent choice for a cinema store.