Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adorable one coin figure shots

A nice to have for Indy toy collectors are the Japanese Kotobukiya one coin mini figures from their Indiana Jones collection (released June 2008). You could buy those for 500 Yen (= one coin) per sealed box with a random figure. The set contains eight figures: six regular ones and two secret ones.

Kotobukiya one coin mini figures poster

They are really nice made, affordable even with a small budget and still available on ebay etc. The reason I am bringing those up today is some nice artwork I stumbled over. A creative flickr user named j_pidgeon made some great photos by placing the figures in from of fitting backgrounds.

Temple of Doom Indy in front of a very cool background

j_pidgeon does feature the whole set on his flickr-stream:
RotLA Marion Ravenwood, ToD Indiana Jones, ToD Mola Ram, LC Indiana Jones, LC Dr Henry Jones Sr, KotCS Irina Spalko, KotCS Mutt Williams and the infamous Han_Solo. Enjoy!