Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney buys Lucas Film

It's a bit hard to believe at first but the Disney company just bought Lucas Film for $ 4.05 billion.

The most interesting bit of information from the press release: They already plan to do another Star Wars Trilogy (episode 7 to 9) starting 2015. Now this sound just wrong after decades of quotes from George Lucas that those episodes will never happen.
I will pose for $ 4 billion, sure. Can I have my check now, please.

For Star Wars this is the biggest disturbance in the force since Greedo shot first (c'mon he did not) -  but an even bigger question that popped up in my mind instantly: What does all this mean for the Indiana Jones franchise? Will this possibly lead into a new area of Indy films? New Disney (park) Indy rides or goods? Maybe another step onto the small screen (the quality of current tv productions is pretty good)? In this very moment we see the dawn of a new age: Everything is possible.
Indy's future is now in a mouse's hand.

Indy, smurfs & Doctor Who!

All in this years Halloween episode of The Big Bang Theory (season 6, episode 5)!

Raj Koothrappali comes up with a decent Halloween costume: I was thinking of dressing up like Indiana Jones’ mocha skinned love child, Indian Jones
So I grabbed this Idol of Fertility and I ran from a giant boulder right into your arms, Papa Smurf! Oh, Hello Smurfette...
Happy Halloween!

late thought: I was writing about Indy and smurfs before. I smell a conspiracy!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Finding Indy in all the wrong places ...

... again. Whenever you think you have see it all, you will get a weird email to proof you wrong. I would have never believed in the existence of something like an Indiana Jones Burlesque before I got a press release from the Gorilla Tango Theatre:

Surprisingly, this advert does neither show boobs nor a temple.
"What's That Shorty? The Indiana Jones Burlesque at GTT has been around for a whole year? Yes, you heard right, Dr. Jones - TEMPLE OF BOOBS: AN INDIANA JONES BURLESQUE celebrates its one year anniversary this Friday, October 26th! Come be a part of the funniest, silliest burlesque parody never directed by Steven Spielberg - Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory."

Thanks for the laugh and congratulations for your successful show ladies!