Monday, May 21, 2012

Relic Worlds

Always wondered what an Indiana Jones/SciFi crossover would look like? Wonder no longer! I was contacted by a creative writer about his project Relic Worlds - The Adventures of Lancester James.

Here is a brief introduction into the world of this 24th century adventurer:
Lancaster James is traveling the galaxy in search of lost alien civilizations.  He explores ancient ruins on distant planets to find long lost artifacts that give him clues to some of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

There is lots to find in the world setting of the Relic Worlds, including regular pulp fiction style Short Stories. If you are interested in SciFi and Indy, take a look.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Health and Safety, Dr. Jones!

Time flies by and I have not posted about Indy for a while. Time to get back with this brilliant video I found this morning in my mail:

Comedian Tom McDonnell has written and sings this little song and I have to say: Well done sir! Same to the team who did the hilarious video. Amazing how similar the place and the folks are to the office I spend half of my life in ;-)