Sunday, March 11, 2012

Star Wars/Indiana Jones timeline

How about the idea of linking Star Wars to Indiana Jones? The comic "Into the Great Unknown" that links the two sagas together is old news, so what's new? Some Star Wars fans seems to have picked up the idea lately and started to create an Star Wars timeline between the galaxy far, far away and our little planet.

From Star Wars to Indiana Jones - the all-in-one timeline:

What they have done is quite simple: The comic features a Millennium Falcon crashing on earth that is then found 126 years later by Indiana Jones and Short Round. Using this fact as well as that Indy finds the Falcon after the Atlantis story and an estimation of Short Rounds age, a timeline has been created that puts the Battle of Yavin (first Death Star) to the year 1804 (earth time).

The key panels from "Into the Great Unknown" the Star Wars / Indiana Jones timeline is based upon.
Nice idea, isn't it. If only the authors would have looked a bit more into the Indy universe. Short Round "looks a bit older" and because of that they choose the year 1939 as the anchor date when the Falcon was found. Short Round is born in 1926, making him 13 in 1939. He looks older in the comic and there is no reason why the story could not have happened years later.

But in the end this is just a mind game. In the canon core part of the Star Wars universe Han and Chewbacca never vanish and "Into the Great Unknown" is just a little entertaining one-shot comic.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Indiana Jones got psyched!

Indy got psyched - and this time not by our favorite Russian psych-"You are a hard man to read Dr. Jones."-Spalko! The latest episode of the private detective but fake-psychic tv-series "Psych" (season 6 episode 10) was titeled "Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger".

Now the title is already a blunt giveaway to expect an Indy themed hour of goofy Psych fun - and that's what you get. To get into the mood there is John Rhys-Davis as the curator who wants some stole art pieces back, Shawn and Gus going on treasure hunt, of course traveling by map, Shawn dressing up as a very serious Indy, mad whip action and lots of Indiana Jones movie quotes ("Throw me the whip!").

John Rhys-Davies, Shawn (James Roday) dressed in Indy gear and trying to use a whip
For Indy fans and Psych fans this is a must-see and a fun episode to watch but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the whole package. This could have been executed better and pretty please: If you let some character use movie quotes, you shall never ever have another character talk about the movie source that just got quoted. Spelling it out for those who do not get a reference is killing the whole idea.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Cairo Swordsman shoots first...

...not! Indy will finally be available in high definition on Blu-ray later in 2012. A trailer for the set of four films + bonus material is available now.

Thankfully the trailer does include the Cairo Swordman scene from Raiders as we all remember it. After the Greedo-shoots-first disaster in Star Wars, I like the reassurement.