Friday, August 29, 2008

Indiana Jones phone straps

The Japanese really love to attach things to their mobiles, so here come the Indiana Jones phone straps. These phone straps are Gashapon items. That means they come in a plastic ball out of a machine. You pay 200 Yen and will get a ball with random contents.

Indiana Jones phone straps
set: 7 regular + 1 secret phone strap
size: 3 - 4.5 cm large
source: Gashapon machine

01. RotLA: Golden Idol of Fertility
02. RotLA: Amulet of Ra
03. RotLA: Ark of the Covenant
04. ToD: Urn of Nuriachi
05. ToD: Sankara Stone
06. LC: Holy Grail
07. KotCS: Crystal Skull
08. Secret figure (I don't have it but from what I see and heard it is the ToD voodoo doll)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Indiana Jones clear files

Lets take a look at some original Disney stuff found in Tokyo DisneySea. Here are some nice clear files to show off at work or school. Sorry for the lousy picture quality, I can't use my camera right now and had to use the crappy mobile one.

Clear File type 1 (simple)
size: A4
cost: 262 Yen each

01. "The hero returns..." file
front: KotCS promo poster
back: KotCS logo
02. Crystal Skull blue file
front: KotCS Indy, Mutt, Cyrystal Skull (back)
back: KotCS Crystal Skull
03. Crystal Skull red file
front: KotCS art: Indy with whip
back: KotCS "stamp" logo
04. Crossover file
front: 21 Indiana Jones film posters
back: KotCS "gothic style" Indy, Mutt, Crystal Skull (front) + logo

On the left the front sides, on the right the back sides:

Clear File type 2 (with two inside pockets)
size: A4
cost: 550 Yen each

01. RotLA/ToD file
front: RotLA film poster art (no text)
left pocket: Indy (strange ToD/RotLA crossover)
right pocket: Indy (RotLA)
back: ToD film poster art (no text)
02. KotCS file 1
front: KotCS film poster art (no text)
left pocket: KotCS Indy and Mutt
right pocket: KotCS Indy whipping and Mutt on bike
back: KotCS Indy and Mutt on bike
03. KotCS file 2
front: KotCS art Indy and Mutt
left pocket: KotCS small pics
right pocket: KotCS logo
back: KotCS Mutt on bike
04. Crossover file
front: 3 Indy pics (2 x RotLA, 1 x ToD)
left pocket: Indy (RotLA)
right pocket: Indy (strange ToD/RotLA crossover)
back: 9 x Indiana Jones film posters art (without text) / logo

On the left side the outside (front & back), on the right side the inside (2 pockets)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Indiana Jones 3D Stickers

Indy 3D holographic cards called "3D Stickers" because they are out of a "Sticker Machine".

publisher: Nippon Auto-Photo K.K.
size: 6.8 x 10.5 cm, round corners

set: 10 regular + 1 secret 3D Stciker
The picture either feature one scene with a 3D effect or multiple images (A, B, C)

01. RotLA, ToD, LC: Indy's girls: A: Marion, B: Willie, C: Elsa
02. RotLA: A: Raiders movie poster, B: Indy and Marion tied to the pole
03. ToD: A: Temple of Doom movie poster, B: Indy with sword on the bridge
04. ToD: A: Indy, Willie and Short Round in lore cart, B: closeup of same pic
05. LC: A: Last Crusade movie poster, B: Indy and Dad
06. KotCS: Crystal Skull movie poster, B: Indy climbing in the warehouse
07. KotCS: Indy holding the Crystal Skull (skull in 3D)
08. KotCS: A: KotCS logo, B: Crystal Skull + Mutt's Blade
09. KotCS: Indy whiping in 3D, Mutt, Crystal Skull in background
10. KotSC: Mutt biking
11. ???: The Secret 3D sticker

This is how the "Sticker Machine" looks like. (More info at the vendors page.)

It's very hard to scan a holographic image:

And here is the backside of a card for more info in Japanese...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Greetings from Japan

I have just returned from a vacation in Japan. We have been there a couple of times before so this time we traveled around a lot. Here is a great night view of Tokyo Tower.

One place I have to visit every time is DisneySea, the second Disney park. They have a whole zone for Indy (the Lost River Delta) and since last year that zone hosts a second main attraction: The Raging Spirits, a roller coaster with a looping, similar to the Disneyland Paris Indy ride. (The first main attraction is the Temple of the Crystal Skull, a variation of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.) The new coaster is great, better tuned than the French one. I this this was the smoothest coaster ride I ever had, and I have been riding quite a few before.

Not only did I shop all the Japanese Disney goods, I also set out to find more Indy goodies on the road. In Japan they have lots of UFO catchers (crane game) with high quality unique prizes for anime series, films and so on. I carried a lot of stuff home and sorting the stuff, taking pictures and describe it will take some days. Here is a first glance on a nice set of room lights: The Golden Idol and the Crystal Skull as battery lamps to light up the home. What more can I ask for :)

More updates to come soon!