Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy birthday IndyCast!

Two weeks too late but nevertheless from the heart:
Happy second birthday IndyCast!

Ed and all the other folks are doing a wonderful job with the weekly Indiana Jones podcast that keeps not only fans all over the world entertained but helps growing a solid Indy fan network. I have not emailed Ed the Indy story of my life (yet) or participated in any of the trivia games they are playing, but I am a listener of the show since the day I figured out it exists. (Which was sadly not 2 years ago, but then again I still have a number of old shows to catch up on.) Ed, I hope you keep on doing the show for a long time /bow

Unrelated but worth a note: My interest in mobile Indy games triggered by Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles a couple of weeks ago made me research similar official Indy games. To my knowledge three Java based Indy games have been released. I knew about the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull game but the LEGO Indiana Jones Mobile Adventure game was new to me. I put it all up on