Sunday, May 12, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch fanasizes about Harrison Ford

Who would not lack words upon meeting Harrison Ford. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness) found some words but not the ones he was looking for...

Benedict Cumberbatch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

BC: I had a fine moment with Harrison Ford at the beginning of this year ...
JF: Han Solo?
BC: Yeah.
JF: The coolest guy on earth!
BC: Completely and then topping that with Raiders of the Lost Ark as well. You know and I met the guy and I was so "OMG this is such a pleasure, I used to fantasize about you ..."

Bonus point for him for bringing up Raiders of the Lost Ark! He has to be an Indy fan.

Harrison Ford is fuckin' over it!

Looks like Harrison Ford answered Ian McKellen via t-shirt: