Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harrison Ford plays Uncharted 3

Is there be a better way to promote the upcoming third Uncharted game for the PS3 than to let Indiana Jones himself play the adventure game? I guess not. The hard working marketing department from Naughty Dog, the game company responsible for the award winning Uncharted game series, pulled of the marketing hat-trick and got Harrison Ford for their Japanese Uncharted commercial.

The 30 second Uncharted 3 commercial with Harrison Ford

There is even a Making Off and additional footage from behind the scenes available. This extra material is really fun because you can see Harrison play the real game and just react to the amazing action he sees. His reactions remind me a lot of myself when I got Uncharted 2 last year and how I was blown away by the intensity of how this games kicks in right from the start. Now my wish for Xmas is: Let someone responsible from Lucasfilm Games see this to make them finally understand Uncharted + Indy = win.

The Making of the Uncharted 3 commercial

Behind the scenes: Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3 (you see lots of in game scenes!)