Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seen in Central Park

Indy should move a lot faster. This boulder can follow him around corners!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally, fortune and glory!

Some small town, Austria, 1992
Browsing the book shelf in the local paper store I discovered something I had to have: The German edition of the first Young Indiana Jones novel: Fluch der Mumie. I not only treasured the book, I also started a quest to collect all the books of the set. Easier said than done, though. Despite public knowledge the internet did already exist at that time (and I had access to it at work) but it was a year before the invention of the web browser and the WWW - a long time before the dawn of internet shopping. So I went to the paper shop every other week and thoroughly checked the shelf for new arrivals. Whenever I found a new Young Indy book, my adventurous treasure hunt was successful and I carried home my new possession.

Vienna, Austria, 1994
The impending doom of the far too early end of the TV-series threw a dark shadow on my quest. I had collected six of the novels so far but suddenly no further Young Indy books appeared on the book shelf of my home town. I had moved to Vienna by then and started to look in book stores all over the city without success. Afraid of shelf warmers the book stores ignored Indy's early adventures completely. Maybe I could have ordered the other books at that time but lacking any further information I did not know how many books there are. Without success I kept hoping I would find a new one the next time I was looking.

Vienna, Austria, 2000
By the end of the millennium it became clear to me: There was a set of 12 books - and I only had six of them. It was the darkest hour. But not all was lost: I had a new friend, the internet with its endless wonders.

Vienna, Austria, 2013
Finally, after more than two decades I have completed the collection. In the end it was a friendly search queue that I had set up years ago that saved my day. I got an email that a book store put up a used copy of the last book I needed for sale. I admit, that's a bit of an anti-climax but every quest must have an end. So, I proudly present the 12 German Young Indiana Jones novels:

Die Abenteuere der jungen Indiana Jones - The German Young Indy novels are a set of 12 hardcover books with nice glossy protection sleeves.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy BDay Indy!

Happy 114th Birthday Indy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch fanasizes about Harrison Ford

Who would not lack words upon meeting Harrison Ford. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness) found some words but not the ones he was looking for...

Benedict Cumberbatch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

BC: I had a fine moment with Harrison Ford at the beginning of this year ...
JF: Han Solo?
BC: Yeah.
JF: The coolest guy on earth!
BC: Completely and then topping that with Raiders of the Lost Ark as well. You know and I met the guy and I was so "OMG this is such a pleasure, I used to fantasize about you ..."

Bonus point for him for bringing up Raiders of the Lost Ark! He has to be an Indy fan.

Harrison Ford is fuckin' over it!

Looks like Harrison Ford answered Ian McKellen via t-shirt:


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

London is calling

We did spend Valentines Day in one of my favorite places on this planet: London. Traveling around the globe is probably the best way for an average person to relive Dr. Jones' life style (just think of the dotted line on the map next time you are on an airplane). Anyway, I was doing what I like to do whenever I travel: Trying to find Indy in all the (wrong) places.

This time I actually was trying to look in the right place: Wested Leather Co., the company that made the original Raiders jacket. I got my own trusted Raiders jacket from the shop owner Peter Botwright in 2001. I am wearing it for 12 years now, it is an amazing piece. So I got the idea to get a new Last Crusade jacket as well. And maybe some fitting trousers, a shirt and the belt. Brilliant idea until we noticed that the Wested Leather Co. has been relocated to Kent. So much for not looking it up properly before going to England. Brilliant fail. Well, at least I can order my new jacket online.

But luck was on my side in the end: Taking a wrong turn while walking through London did lead us to an X that marks a spot. We did stumble over The Cinema Store, a nice little cinema memorabilia shop that happens to feature a well known face in their logo: "The Archaeologist". An excellent choice for a cinema store.

Monday, January 28, 2013

An "honest trailer" for Indy 4

A group of people named screenjunkies is making "honest trailers" for youtube. Such an "honest trailer" is a film trailer with a voice over telling honest things about the film. This is hilariously funny for really bad teen blockbusters (the Twilight honest trailer is the only thing you ever need to see from that particular franchise).

They pick the films for those honest trailer by public demand and this weeks new trailer is the honest trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Here is their announcement: Get Ready for George Lucas to ruin another legendary franchise as we join Indiana Jones on his quest to find aliens. Yeah, you read that right, aliens.

Now a little warning: I think this trailer ended up a bit to harsh and offensive. Kind of like most parodies about Indy 4 do (the Indy 4 Southpark treatment comes into my mind). Please make up your own mind about this trailer, it does not display my personal opinion.