Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indy 5 wishlist

Lately a lot of talk about a possible Indy 5 is going on. Lucas said something, Spielberg said something, Ford said something, ... heck, does that remind me of the nearly two decades of talk about Indy 4 or what. But what can us mere humans lacking any kind of influence over the making or not making of this film do in times like this? I guess we just can watch the show, so here is some entertaining stuff from the latest issue of SFX (that's a Britsh SciFi magazine):

Monday, October 19, 2009

Indy parle fran├žais

I missed this one but I am still happy for the French speaking folks: Last Year not only the translations of the six Rob MacGregor novels got re-released, after all those years the two Martin Caidin and the four Max McCoy novels got translated into French!

A new publisher (Milday) took over and the re-released Rob MacGregor got a little bit renamed. For example 1992 the first book was titled "IJ Peril a Delphes", now it is "IJ et la Peril a Delphes". This kinda reminds me of the time when Mr. Lucas renamed our beloved "Raiders of the Lost Ark" into "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" - but at least we have not fight "Han shot first" wars in the Indy universe ;-)

I have added all 12 new covers in the IJC library.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Puzzle this!

The Staff of the Kings was not the big Indy gaming entertainment I had hoped for this year and I have never played any mobile phone game more than once or twice. So when I got my hands on IJ and the Lost Puzzles I was rather blown away by the quick fun this little gem delivers.
I heard about this Java mobile phone game on the IndyCast and got myself a copy to try it out. It is an easy to learn puzzle game whit a tiny but nice animated Indy that tries to jump from tile to tile in different sized rooms. The idea is loosely based in the second trial in Last Crusade. The tiles come in four different colors and the basic idea is to jump chains of the same color. In the advanced game mode additional elements like blocking spikes and snakes are added for more fun. Beyond the regular and advanced mode games there is an adventure mode that lets Indy beat themed scenarios (locations like Venice, Egypt and so on). In each scenario a number of single games of different styles have to get beaten to finish up.

Lost Puzzles is a real revelation to me because it is the first light hearted but successful attempt on an Indy game for a long time. If you have to wait for someone or just wanna kill some time, this will give bring an instant Indy smile to your face.

I have added the game to my game list on